Organisation of the School

Heathcoat is a large primary school with many members of staff who all play a very important role in making the school as successful as it is. The staff are organised into teams.

The Teaching Team

Our teachers work hard to provide the very best teaching and learning opportunities for every child. We work to make all aspects of education at Heathcoat appropriate, challenging, safe, fun and most importantly, accessible for all.

This team is further divided into teaching teams who work closely under the management of a senior team leader who has the additional responsibility of ensuring the delivery of targeted learning at an appropriate level for specific cohorts of pupils.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The foundation stage team is led by Miss Emily Neale who is also one of two acting assistant head-teachers. Miss Neale leads the nursery classes and is assisted by Mrs Butler and Miss Ford. The foundation stage teachers are Miss Warner, Mrs Bowkett, Mrs Drake and Mr Pitt. This team is responsible for welcoming the majority of pupils into school life either in the nursery or reception classes, and through building strong relationships with families ensure that your child will have the best possible start at Heathcoat Primary.

Years 1 and 2

The Early Years Team is responsible for ensuring a smooth transition from the Foundation Stage into Key Stage One (KS1). The team is led by Miss A Davis , and other teachers within this team are Mrs Stafford, Miss Pearson, Miss Davis, Mrs Addy and Mrs Johnson. During these years, children build upon the learning that has been established during the foundation stage, consolidating their understanding, knowledge and skills in literacy and numeracy, science and social skills, as well as all other aspects of the curriculum. Children are given a rich variety of opportunities in classrooms that are well equipped, with displays that celebrate children’s successes.

Year 3 and 4

This team is led by Mrs Dunning (who is also an Assistant Head Teacher). Other team members are Mr Edwards, Mrs Emanuel, Mr Hudson and Mrs Evans. On transition to the middle year’s team our pupils continue on their learning journey by moving from KS1 to KS2. Within a very supportive framework, the pace of work increases and the focus and expectation is for children to become increasingly more independent in their thinking, personal organisation and learning. Children in the middle year’s team also have the opportunity to experience their first school residential at Kilve Court or Great Wood

The Upper Years Team (years 5 and 6)

The team is led by Mrs Dunning (who is one of the acting assistant head teachers). Other teachers in this team are Mrs Soper, Mr Ferdinando, Mrs Budden, Miss Bowman, and Miss Palmer. Upper years children continue to build up knowledge skills and understanding that will provide them with a solid foundation for Learning for Life. We aim to make the culmination of their time with us at Heathcoat at the end of year 6 to be one of huge personal achievement for each and every child.

The Learning Support Team

Mrs Roberts (the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator) leads the team which consists of the Teaching Assistant Team, and includes our qualified Gardener/Handyperson. All members bring a wide range of skills, knowledge and personal attributes which are used to support the children in developing effective learning and achievement across the whole school.

Our Administrative and Secretarial Team

Providing ongoing, daily support for parents, children and staff. They deal with all enquiries and financial elements of school life. They provide the warm welcome, help and advice for all visitors and enquiries

Lunchtime Teams

Staff in the 2 Lunchtime Teams have specific roles as either members of the Play Leader Team or The Healthy Eating Team. They support the children both inside and outside the school building during our lunch time to provide a high level of care. They promote an enjoyment and awareness of healthy eating, and rest and relaxation through play and use of the superb outside environment.

The Caretaking and Cleaning Team

The Caretaking and Cleaning Team work very hard to keep our simply stunning school environment clean and in good repair. The responsibility of providing this level of care for the school is taken very seriously indeed and is in keeping with our ethos of promoting responsibility and respect within our school community.

The Kitchen Team

The Kitchen Team provides colourful, tasty, well balanced meals for staff and children on a daily basis and supports our Healthy School status.

Crossing Patrol

Our Crossing Patrol Person ensures that those who have to cross the road do so sensibly and safely as they make their way to school and on their return home at the end of the day.

Complete Staff List

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