Following a formal agreement to federate three local schools in November 2016 we are a newly constituted governing body made up of representatives from parents, staff, foundation, local authority and co-opted governors most of whom previously served on the governing bodies of the three federated schools of Tiverton High School, Heathcoat Primary School and Rackenford Church of England Primary School.

We work with our schools and leaders to ensure a high quality, inclusive education which enables all students to maximise their potential and make greater progress than expected.

To achieve this we will:

  • support and challenge leaders
  • have knowledge of the student experience
  • have a comprehensive understanding of how the  school works
  • have the benefits to the students at the heart of all our decisions
  • strive to engage with parents
  • ensure governors are well trained

The Full Governing Body (FGB) has the following sub-groups for both the primary and secondary phase which are chaired by governors and report to the FGB:

  • Resources and Personnel
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Ethos (Rackenford Primary only)

The FGB also has First and Second Committees to deal with Disciplinary/Exclusions/Appeals.

In addition the FGB aims to set up any further local groups needed to focus on specific local issues relating to each of the three federated schools. These groups will be made up of a mix of governors and other members of the community with the relevant skills and knowledge applicable to each local group.

Jason Cox

Chair of Governors

  Sammy Crook

Head of Secondary Phase

Jayne Keller

Head of Primary Phase

Adrian Webber

Parent Governor

  Flora Wood

Parent Governor

Pam Roberts

Staff Governor

Helen Hyland

Foundation Governor

Steph Jeffs

Foundation Governor

Les Heywood

Foundation Governor

Phillip Barlow

Foundation Governor

Sarah Child

Local Authority Governor

Sharon Taylor

Co-opted Governor

David Hicks

Co-opted Governor

  Teresa Sturtivant

Co-opted Governor

Alison Williams

Co-opted Governor



Governor Documents