Information on returning to school in June

How does school look now?

Parents will drop of children and collect at the school gate.

No parents will be allowed in the car park

Children will be met in the car park by their teacher/TA of their bubble. Older children will be able to walk to their classroom following social distancing rules.

Different groups will start and finish at different times during the day to reduce the number of parents waiting outside the school dates

The classrooms

Classrooms will look and feel very different in order to take into effect government guidelines.

For the majority of the classrooms children and staff will see a lay out like this.

Pupils are expected to sit within the orange, or black tape.



Year 1 upwards:

The cathedral:

No longer can there be shared pots of pens and pencils to share. Each child will have their own tray of resources.


Bubbles will have their own designated space on the playground/field