Visit to Kents Cavern

On Friday 6th October, year 3 went to Kents Cavern to learn about the Stone Age. We handled skeletons and weapons and a hand axe which were all from the Stone Age. Later we went into the cave and we saw lots of stalagmites and stalactites! We were also shown a Stone Age light made from a shell, moss and vegetable oil. Our guide lit it to make a light! It was awesome! We had a fun day and we learnt a lot about the lives of cave people.

By James and Nathaniel

Year 4 gets scientific at Blundell’s

Year 4 had a fantastic day at Blundell’s School before half term. The children were taught some new and exciting things in Science all about the body, our digestive system and about the animals we might see around us!

The children got the opportunity to explore the science labs, test out some equipment and have a rather mucky Digestive experiment done right in front of them! They also had the chance to do some sporting activities with the older children; there was cricket, rounders and other fabulous active games.

Mr Olive was our host for the day, and it is safe to say every child thoroughly enjoyed their experience. We are grateful to Mr Olive for organising such a wonderful day for us all.

We look forward to more exciting and inspiring days at Blundell’s.

Y6 Heathcoat Primary and Blundell’s School Partnership Science/PE Day

On Thursday 29th September Year 6 had the privilege to spend the day at Blundell’s School working closely with the Biology and PE department.

In the morning, the children rotated around a carousel of three science workshops, where they learnt how to use microscopes along with studying and classifying species of plants and animals. After a wonderful lunch, the children burnt it off with an engaging afternoon’s worth of tag rugby, developing specific skills throwing, catching, running with the ball, outwitting their opponents and working effectively as a team.

We look forward to returning to Blundell’s and building upon our partnership with them in the future.

Year 6 Residential – Grenville House September 2022

Year 6 had a wonderful, yet challenging four days away at Grenville House, Brixham.

They overcome personal challenges, developing confidence and developing proficiency across specific skills of coasteering, indoor climbing, abseiling, canoeing, paddleboarding, high ropes and team challenges.

All the children thrived from all these new experiences, creating new relationships with one another and with the staff.