Christmas celebrations at Pannier Market

As part of the Christmas celebrations, a group of KS2 singers & dancers performed at the Tiverton Pannier Market, today (16.12.22).

The event was well received by the general public and it was lovely to see so many of our parents supporting the children too.

Year 6 Stand Against Violence Workshop

On Tuesday 6th December, Year 6 completed a very engaging and informative workshop.

The children learnt a powerful story about a young man from Taunton, who was murdered in an unprovoked attack. The children heard how the split-second decision made by the perpetrator effected the lives of both the friends and family members of the victim as well as the perpetrator.

The children completed a drama-based session to appreciate how our body language and facial expressions can help us determine someone’s mood or emotion. Two informative discussions to appreciate the real cost of violence and the impact on family and friends of the victim and perpetrator. Children feedback the similarities and differences that this crime had on all who were affected.  In the afternoon they learnt how to recognise risks and how to stay safe along with understanding grief, loss and anger associated with revenge.

Throughout the day, the children completed a reflective journal which they took home to share with their families. The Year 6 children found this workshop opened their eyes to the serious nature of their actions when reacting to situations and the life changing consequences that this can cause themselves and others.