Early Years Nursery

Learning in the Autumn Term in Nursery

Our first topic this term will be ‘nursery rhymes’. The children will have the opportunity to learn a range of nursery rhymes, developing an enjoyment of rhyme and talking about which one is their favourite. We will explore rhyme and rhythm, where the children will join in and finish familiar rhymes. The children will be identifying rhyming words in songs and stories and beginning to think of words that rhyme, creating our own rhymes. The children will learn to recite and count through number songs, exploring numbers to 5 and then 10. They will try to solve practical number problems using the language of more/less, for example by using role play to recreate the song ‘5 current buns’ and posing questions to the children ‘there is one less, how many buns do we have in the baker’s shop?’

Following this we will be learning the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ where the children will listen and become familiar with the story and learn to retell the story in a variety of ways, such as using puppets, sequencing story cards and recreating the story through role play. We will discuss the story, identify the characters, setting, story line and what might happen next, allowing children to share their own ideas and opinions.

Our next topic will be Bears, where the children will be invited to a teddy bears picnic. They will follow instructions of how to make a sandwich for the picnic and learn a range of songs. We will read and act out stories about bears including ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ and ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’.
In mathematics we will learn about size. Through the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the children will compare the size of the three bears, using language such as ‘big’, ‘biggest’, ‘small’ and ‘smallest’. We will look at the bear’s bowls, chairs and beds and match them to the correct bear. We will encourage the children to explore a range of mark making tools to explore making shapes, lines and simple pictures of themselves and others. We will model and encourage the children to mark make through role play activities, giving meaning to their marks, such as; writing a shopping list.

Finally, we will learn about ‘Christmas’, we will talk about family traditions and how Christmas is celebrated, noticing similarities and differences between each other. We will learn a range of nativity songs and perform them in front of an audience at our Early Years Nativity. The children will learn the ‘Christmas story’ and retell it through the Christmas nativity play, role play and small world play.

There will be the opportunity for the children to make and write a Christmas card for their family and ‘mark make’ in the role play area, writing Christmas lists and cards to their friends. The Autumn term will end with a Christmas party, and a very special visit from Father Christmas.

If you would like any further information about the learning in nursery please do not hesitate to speak with a member of nursery staff.


  • Mrs Gunn and Miss Hughes – class teachers
  • Mrs Butler, Mrs Perry and Mrs Drew
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