Early Years Reception Photo Gallery 2022/23

Little Explorers

Today we held our first “Little Explorers” session. We listened to the story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and talked about the life cycle of a caterpillar before venturing outside to explore the school sensory garden looking for leaves, twigs, flowers, ferns and small grasses to create our very own hungry caterpillars. We had lots of fun exploring and making the caterpillars!

People who help us- Fire service visit

Last Wednesday the children in reception and nursery had a very special visitor. We welcomed Gelvin Williams, a local firefighter to talk to the children about his role and responsibilities. He talked to the children about what the Fire and Rescue service do and how the emergency services can be contacted by dialing 999. Gelvin said that his most common call out for fires was to do with people who are distracted when cooking and then things set on fire. He said that electrical fires were on the increase and talked about the importance of not charging devices such as mobile phones or Ipads overnight. Part of Gelvin’s role is to educate home owners about the importance of fire safety. He talked about fire alarms and how to check they are working. Mrs Bard got to try on some of the Fire PPE (personal protective equipment). The boots and helmet were very heavy and the clothing was thick and hot! The children asked lots of really sensible questions and learnt where the nearest fire station was and a little bit of science about how to stop fires from spreading. All children received a sticker and we shared the story of “Frances the Firefly” to highlight the importance of being safe around fires.


FSDB have had fun exploring the PBuzz.

We learnt that the “P” stood for “plastic” because the instrument is made from plastic and the “buzz” part is what we need to do to get the instrument to make a sound.

We had great fun blowing raspberries to get our lips vibrating.

We then introduced the mouthpiece and the children were using them as telescopes to see who they could see across the other side of the circle.

We did some call and response style games and there was lots of laughter and excited “I did it!” or “look I can make a sound!”

We explored the sound the instrument makes and even used the slide, which everyone enjoyed.

Finally, we played along to “We will rock you” buzzing on the “rock you” part of the song. The children enjoyed being rock stars and turning their PBuzz into air guitars!

Forest school

FSA really enjoyed their Forest School session. They spent time exploring the pond area and were excited when they found a toad! Mr Newsome showed the class how to make smores and the children enjoyed toasting marshmallows over the camp fire. At the end of the afternoon. Mr Newsome poured some special powder into the fire which turned the flames blue! It was a muddy, smoky afternoon, full of adventure.

People who help us- Fire service visit

Outside fun

We have builders working in our school and we have been watching them constructing our new roof.

Numbers Day

We enjoyed dressing up on Numbers day, we spent the day exploring and enjoying numbers all around us.

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