Theatre Alibi Mythical Creature challenge

theatre alibi

Theatre Alibi came in to school at the start of the academic year and you all watched their fantastic play, “I Believe in Unicorns”.

Theatre Alibi are setting you all an exciting challenge – and the opportunity to have your work read by one of the Theatre Alibi actors.  Watch the 2 minute video of Derek (one of the main Theatre Alibi actors) who is explaining the task. Can you create your own mythical creature and then draw it, or write a story about it, or create a comic strip about it?  Wouldn’t it be great for one of the actors to read your story out online for everyone to hear? Good luck!

And here is the link to the short film of Derek:

Scan or photograph your work and send it to your teachers, who will send it to Theatre Alibi by lunchtime of Monday 20th April. Who knows, you may get to see your work on the Theatre Alibi website.