Key Stage 2

Welcome to Key Stage Two at Heathcoat Primary School which consists of year 3, 4, year 5 and year 6.  We work closely together and strive to develop each child’s potential through academic lessons and extra-curricular activities. Creating a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment is very important to us, and through this we provide learning opportunities that challenge and extend children, encouraging them to deepen their understanding. Children are taught how to be more independent in their learning, in order to create more motivated and excited learners.  We work hard to ensure consistency in our teaching, moderation and assessment.

The children are taught the National Curriculum.  The curriculum comprises of nine subjects; English, Mathematics, Science, Technology (including information and communication technology (ICT), History, Geography, Art, Music and Physical Education.

Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Education (PSHE), Religious Education and Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) are taught in addition to the above subjects.

Children are immersed in a creative curriculum, where learning opportunities are planned through topics, which include activities and learning that span all curriculum areas.  Children’s current interests and views are considered when planning and teaching topics, so that they can be active and engaged learners, helping to shape their own development. Children are encouraged and taught to become inquisitive learners, posing questions about what they would like to discover and learn. Children are encouraged to use discussion in paired work to enable them to clarify ideas and talk about their learning; work collaboratively in small groups and develop their ability to work as part of a team; work as part of a large whole class as well as individually and independently. Children are sometimes able to work across classes, within year groups, as well as working with different people with in their class.

Classrooms are organised so that children have access to resources that will support them.  At times, a group of children will work under the direction of the teacher as part of a guided group and at other times they will be given independent or paired tasks to complete.

Reading, English Writing and Mathematics are taught daily.  Spelling and grammar is taught regularly each week via our ‘No Nonsense’ spelling and grammar programme. Children are taught the statutory words on the year 3 – 6 spelling lists and also taught spelling rules.

Mathematics is taught using the ‘Rising Stars’ programme.  This provides children with a hand’s on approach to maths, with an emphasis on problem solving and comprehension, allowing children to relate what they learn and to connect knowledge.  Teachers carefully scaffold core competencies of: visualisation, as a platform for comprehension, mental strategies, to develop decision making abilities and pattern recognition, to support the ability to make connections and generalise

Guided reading takes place daily and children will either be working with a teacher as part of a small group, reading independently or working on questions relating to their book.

KS2 are very keen to foster and strengthen the already strong links that have been made in previous years, between home and school. We encourage parents to tell us about children’s achievements outside of school using ‘WOW slips’ so that we can share in the achievements of each child. These may be celebrated in our weekly celebration assembly. During the academic year, parents are invited in to watch their child in their class assembly.

As a school we have an open door policy and always encourage parents to speak with us regarding your child’s learning and progress. Therefore, if you have any questions or concern, please do not hesitate to speak with a member of the KS2 team.

Year 3

Learning in the Autumn term in Year 3

In year 3 the topic for this term is Ancient Egypt, including Egyptian Geography. The children will be considering how we know so much about the Ancient Egyptians. They will look at artefacts, jewellery and life- after- death (mummification). They will also write their own instructions for mummification. The children will look at the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter. After half term they will learn more about pyramids; how they were built and decorated, including hieroglyphics and paintings. The children will use maps and atlases to find where Egypt is in the world, learn about its capital city and other main cities and discover facts about the River Nile. In Art lessons the children will create Egyptian style pieces of artwork including collars and death masks. They will use a variety of media to produce these.

In RE they will consider What do Christians learn from the Creation story? and What is it like for someone to follow God? They will consider how wonderful the world is around them, including natural and man-made wonders.

In PSHE, the children are taught the PANTS rule as well as considering how to keep themselves safe, both in the real world and the online world.

In ICT sessions the children will learn to plan, create, program and run a short animation and in music, during the second half of the term, the children in years 2 and 3 will be working on their Christmas show, “Shine Star Shine”.

PE will take place on a Monday and Friday in year 3. Please ensure that PE kit is in school, named and is washed regularly. Children must have suitable footwear for PE such as plimsolls or trainers.

If you would like any further information about the learning please speak to  Mrs Emanuel, Mrs Evans or Mrs Kniver.

Year 4

Learning in Year 4 in the Autumn term

The children will investigate many aspects of life for people living in Britain during the Stone Age to the Iron Age, including the change from hunting and gathering to farming. A trip to Kent’s Cavern will help to inspire and engage the children and consolidate the learning that has taken place in the classroom.

A variety of poetry and stories, such as ‘Winter’s Child’ and ‘Gregory Cool’ will be studied, and be used to inspire the children to write their own creative versions in a similar style.

Children will be swimming and using our new REAL PE scheme to develop and build on the skills that will equip them to work collaboratively and develop their own personal bests across a broad range of skills. This will enable them to take part and be successful across a range of sporting activities.

If you would like further information please speak to Mr Payne or Miss Courtenay.

Year 5

Learning in Year 5 in the Autumn term

During the first half of term will be ‘The Biscuit Project’ – something that the children always get excited about. They will research, design and make their own biscuits, considering packaging, advertising and jingles, before they pitch their designs to a panel of judges. It’s a bit like ‘The Apprentice’, but nobody gets fired!

In PE, the children will be introduced to a new unique child-centred approach, developing six key abilities (Health & Fitness, Social, Personal, Cognitive, Creative and Physical) needed to be successful within PE and sport across the curriculum.

In RE, the children will learn through the key question ’Why do Christians think God is holy and loving’.

They will learn about South America, focusing on the Amazon rainforest and river, the wildlife and people found there. They will also study Rio de Janeiro and the carnival. This topic will inspire some super art based on the Brazilian artist Romero Britto. Within ICT lessons, the children will develop a South American themed game using Scratch software. The children will also learn to play some Samba music, make some Samba masks and learn some Samba dance moves.

If you would like any further information please speak to Mr Ferdinando or Miss Kneller.

Year 6

Learning in Year 6 in the Autumn term

Children have already started the exciting topic of WW2. We’ll focus our learning around key dates and events of WW2 and have opportunities to explore real artefacts. They will also learn about the music, clothing and dance from that time, as well as imagining what life would have been like during air raids.

This will lead into Science during the second half of the term where light and electricity will be taught. There will be lots of links with WW2 throughout the year with texts in Guided Reading and word problems in Maths!

PE will be on a Monday and Friday where we continue with developing key skills and apply these to games.

RE is being taught this term by Mrs Budden and ICT by Mrs Holman, during this time children will also be building upon their previous learning in French.  .

If you would like further information please speak to Mrs Soper, Mr Thomas or Mrs Sullivan.

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