Our vision and values

Aspiring to achieve our best: Moving forward together

Heathcoat Primary is a truly inclusive school where every member of the school community is valued. We are passionate about enabling our children to do their best and strive to offer a curriculum and learning environment that supports all pupils in reaching their potential.
Our vision for all children is that they aspire to achieve their best in all areas of life including their social, emotional, academic and spiritual development. As a school, we are dedicated to moving forward together and supporting each other in fulfilling this vision.

The fundamental values that underpin the work we do as a school are:

  • Building confidence: Developing self-confidence and independence through a varied and child-centred curriculum and through a shared sense of respect and responsibility.
  • Promoting collaboration: Striving to ensure that all children reach their potential by supporting each other and working together across the whole school community. Encouraging and enabling all parents and carers to play an active role in securing the best for every child.
  • Nurturing individuals: Helping every child to be a happy and purposeful learner by supporting their social, emotional and spiritual development. Working pro-actively with parents and outside agencies to ensure that all children have access to the care that they need in order to flourish.
  • Providing enjoyment: Delivering learning opportunities that are creative, challenging, and engaging. Maximising children’s participation and progress and celebrating their successes.
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