Physical Education

Our Vision for PE

Our vision is clear and fully inclusive, working towards inspiring our pupils to get engaged with physical activity and exercise and become more active and healthier both physically and mentally.We offer a broad-balanced and varied PE Curriculum along-side a vast and successful Extra-Curriculum programme to continue the legacy from the 2012 Olympics creating opportunities to inspire as well as celebrate athletic performance and develop talent.

As our pupils grow it is important that we provide daily physical activity into their routines, embedding healthy minds as well as healthy bodies. The curriculum we deliver is the basis for a healthier lifestyle from Nursery through to Year 6. It has been designed to promote active learning through cross-curricular learning. Building upon fine and gross motor skill development in the early year’s programme to a more formative structure of at least 2 hours high quality PE teaching. For information about our Activity policy please click on to the following link – PE policy 2022 to 2023

PE Days

Year group Days
Year 1Wednesday & Friday
Year 2Monday & Thursday
Year 3Monday & Thursday
Year 4Tuesday & Thursday
Year 5Wednesday & Friday
Year 6Tuesday & Friday


Our young athletes take part in the “Leap into Life” programme which develops all components of effective motor function, including large muscle movement, eye-hand co-ordination, balance and rhythm. It has been developed with the expertise of foundation and KS1 teachers and physiotherapists. The programme helps teachers to identify and support children with movement difficulties at an early age.
There are four strands: functional movement, aesthetic movement, manipulative skills, and movement concepts. Each strand is made up of six progressions to be delivered daily throughout the academic year, maximising physically active time. Activities are then provided within the inside and outside environment for children to access and develop with progress assessed against their Handling and Movement Early Learning Goals.

Reception, Year 1 & 2

We are very excited about piloting a new PE scheme called ‘Real PE’ by Creative Development in Reception, Year 1 and 2 starting in September 2017. Real PE is a fun child-centred approach to engage and challenge EVERY child to engage with physical activity. The syllabus is fully aligned with the National Curriculum and OFSTED requirements and focuses on the development of agility, balance and co-ordination, cooperative learning and healthy competition.
For information use the following link


Key Stage Two

The children go on to develop the skills from Key Stage one but also go on to acquire and develop a deeper understanding of how to outwit and defend against opposition, they design, create and perform gymnastic and dance sequences as individuals, in pairs and small groups. To becoming analytical and reflective, qualities a good coach, reflect and evaluate performances, what was good, where were the weaknesses then plan attacking or defensive strategies to problem solve and achieve success. Individual and team success, setting realistic goals and learning about collaborative working whether as a coach to athlete or team in a competitive environment.

We have a successful Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA) programme which links closely to the geography curriculum. Our programme develops as the children progress through up the school, gaining an understanding of what is a map, how they are used, understand the symbols and features to using them to orientate a map, follow a route, create a route and complete different orienteering courses on the school site. In Year 6 as part of their transition to High school they take part in the Tiverton challenge, walking in teams between all the local primary schools in a competitive event.

Year 6 PE day at Blundell’s

Exmoor Challenge

We also provide the opportunity for Year 6 pupils to take part in the prestigious annual event by Exmoor Rotary, the Exmoor Challenge, an arduous 16.1 mile walk over the rough terrain of Exmoor in teams of 4 with no adult supervision. Over 100 teams enter with many rejected as oversubscribed. In 2017 we were delighted that both our teams successfully accomplished the event with our girls’ team winning the ‘Seward Cup’ for being the fastest primary school team home, a massive accomplishment when you realise the amount of primary schools that train for the event from all over the region.


We are very aware of our location living close to numerous water resources, the Grand Western Canal, Local rivers swimming pool and beaches, therefore we feel strongly in being able to provide our students with the life skill of being able to swim in addition to water safety around these provisions. So provide swimming lessons from Year 3to Year 6 with a progressive programme as they move up the year groups. Our vision embraces the Devon Swim 100 swimming schemes, whereby children gain water confidence, are aware of how to be safe in and near the water and the ability to swim confidently 100m by the time they leave in Year 6 and move onto secondary education.

Swimming Progress Tables

Due to the Covid sadly year 6 did not attend their programmed swimming (June to July 2020). So the data detailed below is their year 5 progress and includes children who joined us in year 6 which we were unable to asses and obtain data for:

43 children in year 6

35% (15) did not reach the required 25m target.

65% (35) did reach the 25m standard and 14 exceeded this benchmark:

2 = 50m

3 = 250m

1 = 300m

2 = 350m

1 = 400m

1 = 500m

1 = 550m

2 = 600m

1 = 650m

Due to the Covid sadly year 6 did not attend their programmed swimming sessions for the past 2 years.

57 children in year 6

22.80% (13) did not reach the required 25m target.

29.82% (17) did reach the 25m standard.

38.59% (22) non-swimmers.

8.77% (5) no data due to in year transfer to school.


60 children in year 6

15% (9) did not reach the required 25m target

85% (51) did reach the 25m standard

57 children in year 6

77% (44) did reach the required 25m target

23% (13) did not reach the required 25m target

On Wednesday 12th June 2019, 18 pupils from across years 4, 5, and 6 represented our school in the Tiverton Primary Schools Gala.  A boy and a girl from each year group competed to win points in the three disciplines. – Freestyle, Breaststroke and Backstroke. At the end of the Gala, Heathcoat Primary School were declared the winners with a total score of 174 points. The children represented the school brilliantly, both in and out of the water, and the staff accompanying them were very proud of the effort and the behaviour they displayed.  The team captains, Freddie and Phoebe, proudly collected the trophy which is now displayed in the school’s trophy cabinet.


We are very fortunate with the facilities for PE activities. We have 2 halls, a large playground and field for outdoor games and activities with an all weather track and Trim Trail.  The recent new climbing apparatus in our nursery has made a significant impact developing gross and fine motor skills within our foundation stage.

Our investment in balance bikes has provided reception children the opportunity to develop their co-ordination and balance skills in becoming an independent rider. These skills are further progressed through our bike ability programme in years 3,4,5 & 6.  We feel strongly about providing children with the opportunity to develop and become water confident and provide swimming lessons to all pupils in KS2 before they leave to go onto secondary education. Our extra-curricular programme offers many different sporting activities at lunch time or out of school hours (link to clubs for timetable). These include cross-country running, tag rugby, martial arts, gymnastics, dancing and football. We compete in local leagues against other primary schools across a range of sporting disciplines, Wilcombe Wobbler cross- country, Football, Tag Rugby, Kwik-Cricket, Rounders, Exmoor Challenge moorland walking as well as entering teams in charity fun runs, swimming competitions and regional tournaments.

Getting the Inactive Active

During break and lunch times we provide a variety of equipment to extend our children’s learning, allowing them plenty of opportunities to practise a range of sporting skills. We have recently trained our Year 5 & 6 pupils to become ‘Sports Leaders’ which will allow them to plan, organise and run activities during lunchtimes and encourage ALL children to become active and provide them with new interest and opportunities to be active and make new friends. We have invested PE premium money into supporting our playground staff in providing a more active playtime, new equipment and the introduction of Year 5 and 6 playground buddy system.  In September 2019 we are launching the “smiles of participation” across all areas of physical activity, to encourage and develop a more positive spirit in playing games with one another.  For more information click on link- Smiles.docx

Inter House Competitions

Our children are divided up into 6 house teams, named after the local rivers and pupils are awarded house for their team as part of our whole school reward system. We use these houses to inspire healthy competition against each other across a range of sporting activities. Each term we aim to hold an inter house competition where individuals and team representatives from each house have the opportunity to apply new sporting skills they have learnt in a competitive environment against their peers to win the house trophy. These competitions take place during the school day and prove very popular with our children, especially during our Annual sports day. Our KS1 and KS2 pupils have the chance to try their best at a range of events, winning points for their allocated houses and these points are collated to determine the winning house.

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