Early Years Reception

The children in Reception talked about themselves and explored how they are similar and different. We looked at the book ‘Creature features’ during our topic of dinosaurs and learnt lots of facts about different dinosaurs we also created our own dinosaurs. We learnt about Autumn and harvest and went on Autumn walks around our school grounds looking how our environment was changing. 

After the half term holiday we explored the topic ‘Fireworks & Diwali’’ and made clay diya pots. We then took part in antibullying week where we discussed how we can be kind to our friends and what we should do if somebody is not nice to us. We then learnt about the Christmas story and created lots of art related to Christmas.  We practised and performed the Nativity with the Nursery children at St Pauls Church.

Phonics and mathematics will be taught daily as well as activities and resources readily available for the children to access throughout the day independently and supported by an adult.

Phonics is taught using the phonics programme ‘Read, Write, Inc’. Children are assessed regularly and teaching meets the needs of all pupils.

Mathematics will be taught in a very practical way and the children will be using a variety of equipment to help them solve ‘real’ problems. In the Autumn term we will be concentrating our learning around numbers to 5 and then 10. The children will investigate numbers from 0-10 in many different ways and will be encouraged to explain their ideas and way of thinking. In practical activities and discussion, they will also begin to use the vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting. We will also begin to use mathematical names for ‘flat’ 2D shapes, and mathematical terms to describe shapes. The children will begin to use familiar objects and common shapes to create and recreate patterns and build models. At the end of the term we will also have begun to use everyday language related to money.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak with your child’s class teacher or Mrs Gunn.


  • Class teachers: Miss Daniel, Mrs Bard and Mrs Addy
  • Team leader: Mrs Gunn
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