Miss Demelza Higginson, Head of School
Miss Demelza Higginson, Head of School
Mrs Sammy Crook, Executive Head of The Federation of Tiverton Schools

Welcome from the Head of School, Demelza Higginson

Aspiring to achieve our best: moving forward together!

A very warm welcome to Heathcoat Primary School and thank you for joining us on our website.

Heathcoat Primary School is a large primary school in the centre of Tiverton. We work closely with the other schools in Tiverton and in January 2017 we federated with Rackenford Primary School and Tiverton High School, with Mrs Sammy Crook as Executive Head Teacher.

At Heathcoat Primary we strive to put our children first. We are committed to ensuring our pupils grow into lifelong learners by using Building Leaning Power to enable our pupils to develop a range of learning skills which they can apply in different learning opportunities both at school and at home. These Building Learning Power skills are taught alongside the National Curriculum and form an important part our curriculum.

Our staff work very hard to create a happy, yet challenging learning environment for our pupils. We have high expectations for learning and behaviour for both our pupils and for ourselves. We want pupils to enjoy learning and to strive to make the progress that will help them to go forward and achieve their full potential and ambitions well beyond school. It is part of our school’s ethos to welcome every child and every family in exactly the same way. We work hard to form a strong and trusting relationship with every parent/carer and child. We seek to inspire and challenge every pupil, in order to help them to fully develop their character, confidence, sense of compassion and to become determined to achieve their full potential in all that they might do.

If you would like to find out more about our fantastic school then please get in contact. We love to show visitors around so that they can get a full picture for themselves of exactly what our  school can offer their children and family. Visits also give us an opportunity to learn more about you and provide the first step for you to become actively involved in your child’s primary education.

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