We are proud of our school and the high expectations that all adults and children have of themselves and each other. Our school uniform helps to make us a smart school and the children feel really proud of being part of Heathcoat Primary School. Our school uniform is important because it provides all pupils with a shared identity, is practical for everyday school wear and helps to avoid the influences of current fashions.

All pupils are expected to wear this uniform correctly.  Parents will be contacted and asked to provide an alternative if pupils are in incorrect uniform.

Our school uniform is:

  • A royal blue sweatshirt with the embroidered school logo
  • A navy blue pullover or cardigan (with or without the school logo)
  • Trousers/shorts in charcoal grey or black
  • Skirt/tunic in navy blue
  • Blue and white checked summer dress
  • Pale blue cotton long sleeved shirt or pale blue polo shirt (with or without the school logo)
  • Plain socks/tights in white, grey or navy
  • Shoes should be flat and should be black, brown or dark blue. Children should wear school shoes. If children need to wear trainers they should be plain black with no bright colours or white.
  • Jewellery: Maximum of one stud earring in each ear.  Badges issued by the school.  Watches.

Children in years 1-6 should also have a PE kit in school consisting of a white T shirt or a coloured T shirt that matches their house colour, black or navy shorts and daps or trainers. We ask that all uniform should be named.

The following is not allowed:

Trousers: jeans, jeggings, skin-tight/stretch trousers, shiny trousers, trousers with zip adornments.
Skirts: Skirts that are not a reasonable length(above the knee) or that do not allow a reasonable range of movement.
Shorts: Shorts that are not a reasonable length (above the knee) or that do not allow a reasonable range of movement
Jumpers: Hoodies (with the exception of leavers hoodies for Year 6 when permission is given by the school)
Shoes: Coloured trainers, coloured laces or coloured accents, heeled shoes and boots
Socks/tights: coloured tights or socks,
Jewellery: More than one stud in each ear, hooped earrings, piercings other than in ears
Hair: No unnatural hair colours, no exaggerated hair styles

The majority of the uniform can be brought from supermarkets and the specific Heathcoat items are available from the School Trends website https://www.schooltrends.co.uk/uniform/HeathcoatPrimarySchoolEX165HE


School Trends Ltd

10 Carley Drive,  Westfield, Sheffield, S20 8NQ

Email: parentinfo@schooltrends.co.uk

Tel: 0114 251 2501

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