Mental Health Ambassadors 2022

“ I want people to feel happy because of the beautiful world we’ve got”- Wyatt

“If someone has no one to play with, they can always play with me.”- Amelia

“I would like to make a difference”- Katie

We use the ‘Normal Magic’ 10 a day poster to help us
We will be learning different grounding techniques.
We use lots of positive affirmations

Why do schools have MHAs?

Being a Mental Health Ambassador gives young people a sense of belonging and connection, builds skills for them to develop positive peer relationships, develops empathy and improves outcomes including resilience and self-esteem.

How did we choose our MHAs?

The children were all given an opportunity to write a short letter applying to be a MHA, explaining why they would like to become a Mental Health Ambassador. It was difficult to choose between them, as so many children wanted to help others and to make a difference.

What do the MHAs do?

The MHAs help each other and all pupils at school to be mentally healthy and to be aware of good choices for their mental health.

What training do the MHAs have?

The MHAs have regular workshops with the Pastoral Leader, who gives them short training sessions on grounding techniques and other skills to support themselves and others. They can then use these skills at playtimes and in the classroom, to make our school a happy place for everyone!

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