About Heathcoat School

Heathcoat Primary School provides a safe and happy environment in which children develop and grow into responsible and caring individuals who are well prepared for future learning and their own personal development through exciting, supportive and challenging teaching and learning situations. change

Heathcoat Primary School was established in September 1992 following the reorganisation of first and middle schools in the town. It is a larger than average primary school and is in the Westexe area of the market town of Tiverton. The vast majority of the school has been newly built and older buildings have been refurbished so that all accommodation is well maintained and spacious.

We have good resources and a well stocked library. People coming into the school comment on the happy atmosphere, the quiet way in which classrooms operate, and the ‘wow’ factor from the building itself. We have amazing grounds which are well established and well used to support education outdoors, with activities ranging from art and drama, to gardening and archery and lots more!

We welcome visitors and guests to the school on a regular basis, as well as making trips and visits further afield to support our outstanding curriculum, including residentials. We invite parents and the wider community to join with us on occasions such as our Annual Family Carol Service, performances and social events.


Special Education Needs (SEN)

Heathcoat Primary School has over 440 children on role and there are over 100 pupils currently on the Special Educational Needs (SEN) register as requiring SEN support. Follow this link to see our SEND report:

SEND report
In respect of the Code of Practice (CoP) for SEN, the local authority has a duty to publish arrangements for SEN support in schools.
This is called the Local Offer and includes information about the provision that can be expected for children and young people 0-25 with SEN across education, health and social care.
Follow the link below to view the Devon Offer


Useful Information

School Uniform

All Heathcoat Primary School uniform is available from Tony Pryce Sports, Tiverton and via the online shop.

Tiverton Intersport Tony Pryce Store

8 Market Walk
EX16 6BL
Tel: 01884 254597

Please click here for Heathcoat Primary School uniform page on Tony Pryce Sports website

Online Payments

Heathcoat Primary School is able to take online payments for costs related to school.
This includes Dinner Money and School Trips.
Please click on the link for a guide on how to set up your account for making these payments:
HPS Online Payments Guide
And for registering and logging in:
Online Payment Website

School Dinners

At Heathcoat Primary we like to promote a healthy lifestyle, and a very important aspect of this is a healthy diet.
Our school dinners – All children in Reception and KS1 are entitled to Universal Free School Meals (UFSM). Our meals are nutritious and are prepared on site fresh every day. The school provides a variety of delicious meals.
Each day children have the following options:

  • Main course
  • Vegetarian alternative
  • Jacket potato

Children simply need to place their order each morning with the teaching assistant outside their classroom.
Every main meal is served with a choice of 2 different vegetables and is followed by a delicious dessert. Yoghurts and fresh fruit are always available as an alternative.
School Dinners cost £2.20 per day.
A complete menu can be downloaded from here Dinner Menu
A description of the meals can be found here

Food Allergies

Parents who may be concerned about the prescence of allergens or additives in prepared food are welcome to speak with the school, who will be happy to assist.

Packed lunches

If you choose to provide your own packed lunch, we have some ideas to help make them interesting, healthy and delicious.

Tummy fillers

Growing children need plenty of starchy foods to fill them up and give them energy. Nutritious meals packed with fibre, protein, carbohydrate and vitamins will also help your child’s growing bones and give them a healthy dose of brain power for the afternoon ahead. These along with fruit and/or vegetables should form the main part of your child’s lunch.

Some ideas:

Sandwiches and wraps

  • Homemade bread – vary between wholemeal, granary, multi-grain and white.
  • Crepe/pancake, potato cake, malt loaf, hot cross bun, scone.


  • Meat – wafer thin cooked meats, cubed chicken/turkey breast with tomato and lettuce, ham and cheese, roast chicken & hummus, leftover cold meats (chicken, turkey, meatloaf, sausages etc) with salad, chicken and mashed avocado, cold BLT.
  • Fish – tuna mayo & sweetcorn, tuna salad, sardine and tomato, fish paste and cucumber.
  • Veggie – grated cheese, cheese spread, cream cheese, Quorn slices and salad, cottage cheese with pineapple, cheese and grated carrot with a little mayo, veggie sausages, vegetarian pate with cucumber, cheese and coleslaw, egg salad/egg mayo, cheese and pickle, Marmite.
  • Sweet – High-fruit jam/fruit spread, nut-free chocolate spread, honey, treacle, lemon curd.

Don’t fancy sandwiches?

  • Carbohydrate based salads such as pasta salad, rice salad, cous cous, potato salad, tabbouleh etc.
  • Egg based foods such as quiche, mini quiche or frittata.
  • Baked items such as savoury muffin, cheesy corn triangles, pizza slice, mini pasty, cheese and potato roll, croissant, samosa, pakora, spring roll etc*.
    *These items can be high in saturated fat, so just opt for them occasionally.

Five-a-day fruit and veg options

  • Any combination of the following, in a small pot or bag: raisins, sultanas, pumpkin/sunflower seeds, ready to eat dried apricots, dates or prunes.
  • Whole fruits – satsuma, apple, banana, pear, peach, plum, grapes, strawberries (whatever is in season)
  • Fruit salad pot – any combination of prepared fruit: strawberries, orange, melon, mango, pineapple, kiwi etc.
  • Homemade fruit puree, smoothie or apple sauce (you can add strawberry, peach, etc)
  • Fruit jelly made with fruit pieces and pure fruit juice.
  • Tinned fruit pot (useful in the winter if you can’t find ripe fresh fruit) – mandarins, pineapple, peaches, fruit salad, pears.
  • Salad pot – any combination of prepared raw vegetables: cucumber, lettuce, pepper, celery, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, mangetout, slices of avocado sprinkled with a little lemon juice etc. or coleslaw Serve with some cream cheese, mayo or hummus to dip in.

Good for their growing bones

  • Fruit yogurt or fromage frais.
  • Cold rice pudding or custard.
  • Greek/plain yogurt.
  • Cubes of cheese or pre-packed lunchbox sized cheese portion, cottage cheese with pineapple.
  • Dips: hummus, tzatziki, raita, cream cheese and plain yogurt.

Sensible Snacks

Energetic children may like an added snack in their lunchboxes to re-fuel them for their busy afternoon of learning!
Here are some of ideas:

  • Savoury options – Hard boiled eggs, scotch/savoury egg, mini sausages, sausage roll, falafel.
  • Small bag of lower salt (preferably baked or reduced fat) crisps, or a handful of crisps in a pot. Crackers, crisp bread, rice cakes, cheesy biscuits, savoury flapjack, savoury scone, bread sticks, unsalted popcorn.
  • Sweet options – Muffin, cup cake, small piece of cake, biscuit or cookie, flapjack, shortbread, jam tart, cereal bar*
    * Check cereal/flapjack bars for sugar content , as some can contain as much sugar as a bar of chocolate!


Steer clear of sugary drinks and go for one of these healthy options:-

  • Water
  • Milk
  • Milkshake
  • Pure fruit juice or smoothie – preferably diluted
  • Occasional well diluted high-juice squash

And finally –

To get children excited about their packed lunches, get them involved in buying the ingredients, choosing what they fancy, and making it themselves. Even very young children can place cheese or ham into a sandwich or pop their cut up veggies into a pot.
We ask that lunchboxes do NOT contain any sweets or fizzy drinks please.
Chewing or bubble gum is also not allowed in our school.
Click on this link for more packed lunch ideas.
NHS – Healthy Lunchbox

Breakfast Club

At Heathcoat Primary School we offer a breakfast for those children who need to be dropped off at school early. It is run by Mrs Butler and Miss Ford who are both members of the staff. Breakfast club is run everyday from 7.45am until 8.45am in the food technology area of school. The children enjoy a breakfast of cereal, toast and a drink. They then enjoy playing a range of games with each other until school starts. If your child comes for the full hour it costs £3.50 which includes breakfast. If they would like to come at 8.20 until 8.45am then it is £1.75 a session but they don’t normally have time for breakfast.

If you would like your child to attend breakfast club then please book them a place in advance at the school office.

Click here for the breakfast club application form