SEND Home Learning

SEND home learning

Learning resources



  • Hoopla – Public library online
  • CrickerSoft – Reading and writing software for all abilities – Free during this period
  • Peter Wharmby – Teaching resources – mostly audio of me talking about an aspect of English Language or English Literature – YouTube
  • The Reading Realm – Free home learning packs/book and library challenges/quizzes/discussion guides/games and stories written by children for children! You can also now draw/write your own stories, poems, reviews, diaries etc, in the app too
  • Nessy – Help for children with Dyslexia – free trial


  • Blutick – Ages 11-16 curriculum
  • Prodigy – Curriculum aligned maths platform – Free
  • Parallel – Weekly 15 minute maths challenges – interesting, fun and challenging material that goes beyond school maths


  • Imperial College – Free online science resources for pupils, & guides for teachers/parents
  • CGP app – Revise for AQA Science
  • 23 equations – Learn your GCSE equations wherever you are
  • NASA for Kids – Games, latest news about the satellite launches, photos from the space and interviews of astronauts


  • BBC – Free curriculum mapped videos
  • BBC Radio 4 – The History of the world – podcasts


  • Virtual Tours  /  Aquarium – Virtual online tours – including zoos, landmarks in foreign countries, etc.
  • BREEF – Coral reef virtual tour
  • Seterra – Free world geography, online quizzes

Arts and culture


  • ICompute – I.T. Learn Programming and Computational Thinking resources
  • Tynkler – Coding for kids – Free premium access
  • Blocky games – Games to help beginners learn computer programming skills
  • Scratch – Beginners computer programming games/projects
  • SAM – Logging on information



Cornflake chicken nuggets

Chicken pizza pasta

Homemade Beef Burgers

Hunters Chicken

Hassleback potatoes

Downloadable pattern/drawing sheets:

Pattern sheets 1

Drawing sheet 3

Drawing sheet 2


Disney quiz – here

School quiz – here

Car logo quiz – download here

Farm tractor quiz – download here

Sports quiz – download here

Religion quiz – download here

Emoji quiz – download here

Disney quiz – download here

Trivia quiz – download here

Geography quiz – download here

Fast food quiz – download here

Eco quiz – download here

Art quiz – download here





Geomeric drawing challenge

Mandala drawing Challenge

History Word Search

Geography Word Search

English Word Search


A short story by Archie  A story about my shadow

Learn to knit

Are you ready to learn how to knit? Take a look at the graphics below and the video link to get started.

How to make silage

Who knows – it may come in useful one day!

How to make silage

How to tie-dye a shirt

Great guide on tie-dying the easy way!


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