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Foundation Stage – A warm welcome back, we hope you have had an enjoyable Easter holiday and are ready for an exciting and busy summer term!

The topics we will be covering this half term are: ‘People who help us’ and ‘The owl that was afraid of the dark’.

Our first topic ‘People who help us’ will enable the children to learn about people who help them in their local community.  The children will start by exploring people who help them in school and at home, they will then learn about people who help others in the community, such as fire-fighters, police officers, doctors and nurses.

The children will be exploring this topic through role play, where they will become police officers, firefighters and teachers.  Through this creative learning the children will be applying a wide range of skills.  For example they will be using their phonics/writing skills in a very practical and meaningful way; writing incident forms, making registers and taking telephone messages.

We will be encouraging the children to take a lead in their learning, where they will pose their own questions that they want to find out about the important jobs people do to help us.

If your child has a book or object about this topic we welcome them to bring it in to share with the class, as this develops their speaking and listening skills as well as confidence.

We kindly ask if you or a family member works in the community helping others, we would love you to come in and visit the children, sharing with us a little bit about your role and responsibilities.  Such experiences are invaluable to the children’s learning!  Please speak with your child’s class teacher if you are able to come in.

Our second topic is looking at the story ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’.  The children will learn and retell the story through ‘talk for writing’, role play and small world play.  The reception children will be watching a live theatre production of the story at Tiverton High School.  We will be encouraging the children to retell the story to you at home, if they are able to do this please share this achievement on a WOW slip!

If you would like to find out more, or have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with your child’s class teacher or myself.

enealeMiss Neale (Foundation Stage Team Leader)

Year 1 & 2 -As we approach the end of the first half of the Autumn Term, this newsletter is informing you of the topics that your child will be studying in Key Stage One.

Year One’s current topic is The Body, in which they have learned all about the different body parts and their function. Within this topic, the children have made split pin body models, have written their own page of a non-fiction book and have created a model of their own face using a paper plate and art materials.

After half term, the children will learn all about The Gunpowder Plot, a key event in British history. The main topic for this half term will be the science based topic called Materials. Children will learn all about natural and man -made materials, and will also develop their use of descriptive vocabulary to describe everyday materials.  At the end of the term, the children will learn about Christmas and the Christmas story.

In Year Two, the children have been learning all about animals. They have discovered that there are different animal groups, and have also learned lots of facts about nocturnal animals. After half term, the children will be learning about the origins of The Gunpowder Plot, and will write their own recount of this event. The main topic for the second part of the Autumn Term is Dinosaurs, in which children will create their own dinosaur fact files. The term ends with a study of Christmas in Victorian Britain.

As you can see, the Autumn Term in Key Stage One is full of exciting and interesting learning! If you have any questions or concerns, then please come to speak to your child’s teacher in the first instance, and then to your team leader, Miss Davis, if you require further support.

adavisMiss Davis (Key Stage One Team Leader)
Year 3 & 4 – Welcome back. This year in Year 3 we will be covering a variety of topics. We did not manage to cover our work on ‘Light and Dark’ and ‘Hinduism’ last term so we will be continuing with this in the first few weeks. We will then be looking at ‘Forces and Magnets’. Our trip to ‘@Bristol’ will focus on these two areas of science and the children will attend a workshop at the museum about these topics. We will be linking our texts within English to our topic. One of these will include ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. This will also link to our next topic which will be ‘Britishness’! We will look at the geography of Britain, Saints Day, study a British artist and we may even learn a bit of Welsh! The Maths curriculum continues to be supported the new ‘Maths No Problem’ scheme of work.

This term Year 4 will be studying a variety of topics. We will look at ‘Electricity’, its uses and safety issues. Hopefully we will be able to incorporate some Design and Technology. We will then be studying Britain during the Roman invasion, concentrating on major changes that happened. There will be a visit from Exeter Museum on one day that will end in a mock Celts V Roman battle. To support our RE topic we are planning a visit to Exeter Mosque to give children a real experience and fuller understanding of Islam. Maths and English will be taught discreetly using quality books, such as ‘Dr K Fisher’ and a short film (El Caminante) as starting points.

Any resources and information that you may have at home to do with these topics would be very welcome!

We are very much looking forward to this exciting term ahead!

christinepearsonMiss Pearson (Middle Years Team Leader)

Year 5 and 6 – Welcome back. We have lots of exciting things planned in Upper Years for the rest of this academic year.

In year 6 this term the children will be studying Explorers. During this topic they will be writing chronological newspaper reports and studying the auto-biographies of famous explorers. They will also be writing instruction texts, fact-files, information pages and recounts.  During the second half of term, children will be studying the text “The Tear Thief”, a beautiful story which will inspire and guide them in their own descriptive writing, and allow them to show off all the amazing writing techniques that they have learnt over the past few years.  SATs will take place in May, including assessments for children in Reading, Maths and Spelling/Grammar (SPaG).  More information will be sent to you regarding these tests, but in the meantime you can support your child at home by hearing them read and discussing words that they are unsure of; encouraging them to practise their spellings and multiplication tables; and by using BBC Revisewise online to play maths and English games.  In Science, children will be learning about Evolution and inheritance, following on from the living things topic in the previous term.  They will consider how humans and animals evolve over time and how traits can be inherited from parents. This will also link to SRE and changes in body.

Children in both years 5 and 6 will be learning athletic skills such as javelin and in the second half of the term, year 6 will go swimming.

In year 5, children will be studying Brazil during the first half of the term.  They will conduct their own mini research into a significant location within Brazil and then write a chronological report about the environment. Children will be encouraged to think about the Amazon Rainforest – and consider points for and against deforestation.  Children will take part in speaking and listening challenges before writing a balanced argument.  In Science they will look at the life cycles of plants and animals –linked to Brazilian animals and rainforest plants.  In PE, children will be learning Samba-style dance before producing their own dances in the same style.  They will also learn skills related to striking and fielding games. During the second half of the term, children will be studying Islamic Civilisation and write their own creation stories based on Pandora’s box.  In June, many of the year 5 children will be going to the PGL residential, where they will take part in lots of exciting & challenging activities.

During the second half of the term, children in years 5 and 6 will be taking part in the end of year KS2 show. They will be learning songs and dances, making props, auditioning for main parts and putting on a super show for parents and the other pupils. More information will be given after SATs have taken place.  We are looking forward to an exciting final term.

If you would like to discuss the curriculum or your child’s progress at any time, please speak to me or to any of the Upper Years teachers. We love to see you – and welcome your feedback.

bbudden Mrs Budden (Upper Years Team Leader)