King’s Coronation celebration day – Friday 5th May

The children at HPS had a wonderful day on Friday 5th May celebrating the King’s Coronation.

The children & staff came to school wearing red, white & blue.

The children took part in a number of activities during the day including crown making, flower planting and other Coronation related activities.

Celebrating King Charles III Coronation

This week in reception we have been celebrating King Charles III Coronation.

We have learnt about who King Charles is and a little bit about his family history.

We now know that the Coronation is an important ceremony where the King will be crowned and he will be presented with an orb and sceptre.

We have enjoyed lots of arts and crafts this week and have made crowns, finger print flags of the union Jack and collages of the Kings face.

Our role play this week has been transformed into a royal palace and the children have loved dressing up as Kings and Queens wearing royal robes and crowns.

Nursery children made crowns to celebrate the Coronation.

Year 4 trip to Wildwoods, Escott

Year 4 had an amazing time during their recent residential at Wildwoods, Escott.

They took part in metal forging, woodcarving and baking in the Anglo-Saxon village.

They went to see the wolves, bears, artic foxes and other animals who live on the site.

They had fun running around and getting lost in the maze and playing on the very large drop slide.

But most of all they enjoyed wading though the very wet, muddy and cold swamp.

Take at look at some of our photos from the trip.

Visit from the Police

As part of Reception’s ‘People who help us’ topic, two police officers came to visit the children today to talk about their job.

The police officers showed the children their equipment which included a pair of handcuffs, a baton, leg restraints, a stab vest and a taser.

The children asked the police officers lots of interesting questions, and they had fun trying on the helmets and night time vests.

Year 1 Exmoor Zoo visit

We had a visit from Exmoor Zoo at the end of our animals topic. We talked about the main animal groups and their features.

The main animal groups are mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles.

We got to touch a snail, stick insect and a snake. We also saw a meerkat, a tree frog and a preying mantis. It was a really fun visit!

Year 2 Rosemoor Gardens Friday 24 th March 2023

On Friday 24 th March, Year 2 went on a trip to Rosemoor Gardens in North Devon.

We were very lucky with the weather and left the rain behind in Tiverton!

e had a lovely day that involved walking around the gardens looking at and discovering some amazing plants and flowers.

We also had a workshop where we identified evergreen and deciduous trees, collected fallen plant parts to decorate a paper flower and we each planted a broad bean seed.

We got to take these home with us to remember our amazing day!

Forest Schools begins

Forest Schools began for our year 1 children in 1B on Friday and they had such a fabulous time. Session 1 focused on keeping ourselves safe around fire and water. Mr Newsome led the session, teaching the children about the flora and fauna and encouraging their investigative skills.

The children were amazed to find (and hold) some newts. They can’t wait until next week. Here is some feedback from some children:

“I loved being around the fire the best”.

“I liked playing hide and seek and the mud!”.

“My favourite part was finding acorns.”

“I liked it when we were holding the newts. I didn’t hold one but I touched it and it felt squidgy!”

Demystifying SEND – free session for parents and carers

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Whether you are new to SEND or already on your journey, this session from DIAS is aimed at parent/carers supporting their child with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) who would like to find out more about how SEND support should work.

The sessions are aimed at parents starting their journey or part way through. Helping parents to understand how they can access information and which services may be available for them, highlighting the graduated response and the terminology around send in schools.( Universal, targeted , specialist services terminology, working with school in a plan do review type approach).

The sessions aim to signpost to information and service websites that are already out there and linked to the Devon Local offer webpage.

To book sessions:

Some people will know from birth that their child has a disability and will have information given by health professionals. For many parents the special educational needs of their child emerge over time. Wherever you are on your journey you need access to clear information and this session has been designed to get you help you find information relevant to your child.

This session is aimed at parent/carers on the journey of supporting their child with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Often parents do not know where to find the information they need to support their child or what to expect in terms of support.

This 2 hr session aims to signpost and highlight pathways for supporting SEND children and their families.

The sessions will be delivered in a varied virtual format, a combination of presentation and participation with a questions segment at the end.

If you would like to know more about the sessions please email:

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