Easter Holiday Activities and Food Programme – Website now live

Further to the information shared on Friday, please see the attached link which gives details of the Easter Holiday Activities Programme which is available for children in receipt of benefits-related Free School Meals:


Details of the locations and nature of the provision available can be found via the link and bookings should be made directly with the provider. Please do promote this opportunity to eligible families.

Red Nose Day 2021

What a great day we all had – as the pictures show!

Support for speech, language and communication needs

We hope these additional resources will be of use.

‘Speech and Language Link’ Parent Portal

‘Speech and Language Link’ have put together some games and activities for parents/carers to use at home to encourage their child’s talking and listening. The speech activities develop a child’s ability to hear speech sounds and the language activities focus on supporting understanding of language. For more information please visit: https://speechandlanguage.info/parents/activities

Local resources and information

Don’t forget to also keep an eye on our local websites for further examples of activities and information about resources and support available in Devon including from Children, Family Health Devon and Babcock LDP:

Devon Local Offer- speech, language and communication

CFHD resources and information for parents/carers

CFHD preschool speech and language FB page

CFHD school age speech and language FB page

Babcock LDP resources for parents/carers/pupils

The Christmas message for St Paul’s Church

Christmas mural

Children from Year 4 have been inspired by the Christmas message to create a complex mural for display outside of St Paul’s Church in Church Street.

We’re so proud of the effort that has gone in to the hand painted mural, made of more than 60 separate pieces, each created by individual children. The artwork will be unveiled on Christmas Eve.

Demystifying SEND – free session for parents and carers

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Whether you are new to SEND or already on your journey, this session from DIAS is aimed at parent/carers supporting their child with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) who would like to find out more about how SEND support should work.

The sessions are aimed at parents starting their journey or part way through. Helping parents to understand how they can access information and which services may be available for them, highlighting the graduated response and the terminology around send in schools.( Universal, targeted , specialist services terminology, working with school in a plan do review type approach).

The sessions aim to signpost to information and service websites that are already out there and linked to the Devon Local offer webpage.

To book sessions:


Some people will know from birth that their child has a disability and will have information given by health professionals. For many parents the special educational needs of their child emerge over time. Wherever you are on your journey you need access to clear information and this session has been designed to get you help you find information relevant to your child.

This session is aimed at parent/carers on the journey of supporting their child with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Often parents do not know where to find the information they need to support their child or what to expect in terms of support.

This 2 hr session aims to signpost and highlight pathways for supporting SEND children and their families.

The sessions will be delivered in a varied virtual format, a combination of presentation and participation with a questions segment at the end.

If you would like to know more about the sessions please email: megan.kenneallystone@devon.gov.uk

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Guidance for returning to school in September

The following videos will help our children understand where they need to go in the new terms to access their bubbles. Start with the ‘Welcome’ video please, and please also see the document explaining what the school now looks like, to share with your children.

What does the school look like now?

How does the school look now PDF

Letter to parents and carers

This is a copy of a letter that has been sent to all parents and carers.

Start of term letter to parents 2.9.2020

Other useful documents

You may also want to read these useful information guides about how children can better understand the concept of a bubble and social distancing; helping children feel less anxious about coming back to school in these difficult times.

Back-to-school-September – ELSA story to share with children

COVID19_My Back to School Bubble


Information on returning to school in June

How does school look now?

Parents will drop of children and collect at the school gate.

No parents will be allowed in the car park

Children will be met in the car park by their teacher/TA of their bubble. Older children will be able to walk to their classroom following social distancing rules.

Different groups will start and finish at different times during the day to reduce the number of parents waiting outside the school dates

The classrooms

Classrooms will look and feel very different in order to take into effect government guidelines.

For the majority of the classrooms children and staff will see a lay out like this.

Pupils are expected to sit within the orange, or black tape.



Year 1 upwards:

The cathedral:

No longer can there be shared pots of pens and pencils to share. Each child will have their own tray of resources.


Bubbles will have their own designated space on the playground/field