Heathcoat scores a win in the Year 4 football

We’re delighted that the boys and girls of HPS had a win at Tiverton Cooperative Learning Partnership football competition at Tiverton High School.

Despite the children having little training together and playing in torrential rain, this did not stop their determination to work as a team to continually fire the ball into the net.

Well down to all the Year 4 football players. Team A won and Team B were second in their pools. What a great result!!
Thank you also to Yvonne and Naomi for accompanying the children.

The Year 10s Sports Leaders did their best to collate everything in soggy conditions; thanks for everyone’s support on the day!

Results for the Y3/4 Football, from a very wet Tuesday 28th Sept:

Pool 1
1st Place – St John’s A
2nd Place – Heathcoat B
2nd Place –  Castle
3rd Place – Wilcombe A
3rd Place – Rackenford B

Pool 2
1st Place – Heathcoat A
2nd Place – Wilcombe B
3rd Place – Halberton
3rd Place – Rackenford A
4th Place – St John’s B

“I really enjoyed it and we scored 19 goals altogether. The weather was bad, but it was still great fun!” Eva

“I had a great time playing matches. I loved it and wish I could do it again.” Kai