Theatre Alibi – Poetry and illustrations


We know that a lot of our children have enjoyed the tasks that Theatre Alibi have set over the past few weeks. This is another fantastically fun activity.

Click on this link to hear Shaban, one of the actors from Theatre Alibi, reading aloud the poem that has been written by one of the Theatre Alibi writers, and beautifully illustrated by their designer.

And the best thing is that you can read the poem and then add to it! This funny and imaginative poem is about not being able to go out, and instead travelling around by mouth. What food adventures would YOU go on?

Can you write another verse, or two, and perhaps draw a picture to go with your verses?

Send your verses and drawings to, and they will add them to their book, and Shaban can read a few of them out. You may prefer to write your own poem from scratch or perhaps draw some pictures inspired by Daniel’s poem.

Make sure you send them to your teacher as well as to Theatre Alibi – we would love to see them!