World Down Syndrome Day -Odd Socks – Tuesday 21st March 2023

Children and staff came to school wearing odd socks, to raise awareness on World Down Syndrome day.

The Big Battery Hunt

Over 2000 batteries have been collected for the Big Battery Hunt.

Science Strawberry fun

On Thursday, some children were extracting DNA from a strawberry. They used their HPS TRAIN skills to work together well as a team, showing one another respect as they took turns to mush the strawberries in a plastic bag.  The children watched a video explaining the task first, so they knew what to expect. They were then able to follow instructions and use their skills of independence to make the experiment a success. The liquid containing the DNA took a while to drip through, so they also showed resilience and the N of TRAIN – never give up! Each group was successful in getting the DNA and the children really enjoyed the task.

We also made Lava lamps using oil, water, food colouring and an effervescent tablet, and looked at the density of various liquids.

Science week

Year 6 completed two experiments

  • Fantastic fingerprints, which explored which substance would be best to record our fingerprints and which of the three classifications were our prints like.
  • Inventions like a Victorian , which linked to their English “Cracking contraptions”, the children looked at Victorian inventions and guessed what they were, before creating and designing our own contraptions that could help us with a day to day chore in our household.

World Book Day!