Important message for key workers about school provision during closure

As a school we are required to provide provision during normal school hours during the current closure to children of key workers who have an essential service to provide which makes it impossible for them to provide care for their children themselves as a family. The DfE advise that every child who can be safely cared for at home should be. Note we have also put links on our website and Facebook to help you identify as a key worker. Guidance on which key workers are able to access this provision requires interpretation, but broadly speaking you need to meet the following criteria.

You have children who attend a school impacted by the UK Government closure announcement and:
• you need to go to work to carry out essential duties as a key worker, or need to work from home where it’s not possible to continue working as you’ll have very young children at home.
• you have exhausted all other sustainable childcare options as an alternative to schools (e.g. non-vulnerable partners, family members or trusted friends supporting with childcare, or children at an age when they can stay safely at home on their own).

It’s important to note that this guidance and support is in place as a last resort only. Priority will be given to those responding directly to the coronavirus threat, such as National Health Service workers. Therefore, even those classified as key workers may not necessarily receive school places.

Only those who can answer “yes” to being a key worker and the two questions above should contact the school to request provision. The decision on whether we can provide this for you will be made by the head teacher. Be aware that we have to make tough decisions in this regard, based on the information available to us at this time.

In the first instance please email explaining how you meet the criteria above, and with your contact details. Provision would be available from 8.45am to 3.15pm, starting on this coming Monday.