Lesson in local history

Heathcoat Primary Legion visit

Year 6 pupils had a lesson in Tiverton’s history last week, as they visited the town’s Royal British Legion.

The children were fascinated by stories of local World War 2 veteran, George Attwood, who gave insights into life in Tiverton before and after the war took place, as well as during the war while he was based in London. They also met a descendant of Private Sage, whose story they were already familiar, having been a part of the 100 year commemoration held in October.

As well as hearing stories about the history of the war, the children explored the town’s War Memorial Room, and listened to poems written about the war.

Some comments from the children on their visit were: “I enjoyed looking at the names on the memorial boards and I found my family’s name.”

“We looked at pictures of the legion when it was the Angel Hotel, and I enjoyed hearing George’s stories.”

“My favourite fact was that General Eisenhower came to Tiverton to visit the American troops who were stationed here. I can’t believe he went and visited the soldiers, who were staying in Mrs Budden’s Nan’s house!”